2017 & Social Media, what happens next?


What does the world of social media hold for us in 2017? There are a few things that are likely to continue from 2016; the pace of change, the growth of Snap, the increasing amount of media spend moving into online etc, etc. Below are a few thoughts on what other developments we might see from social media in 2017.

Specialism in social skills

As social becomes increasingly sophisticated there is likely to be a growth in specific social skillsets. This is a trend which started a few years ago as advertising became vital to success and resulted in social ‘media’ specialists. I suspect we may soon see an increasing level of social skills, for example, social content, social analytics and social advertising roles. However, only the bigger brands will need/justify this level of sophistication and therefore perhaps agencies will have to provide some of the heavy lifting in resource.

Micro influencers

Influencer marketing has proven to be a huge trend over the last few years, in 2017 I would expect to see more ‘micro’ or smaller influencers becoming part of the strategies of some brands who are seeking value for money.

The gap widens

Linked to point one, as social continues to develop it may become a reality that bigger brands, those with the infrastructure, budgets and resource are the ones that capitalise on channel sophistication and smaller companies find it harder to prove the value of social. However, social continues to play a major channel for protecting & promoting brand reputation as well as driving awareness (budget depending) and therefore it can’t easily be ignored.

Technology & data

The joining of data is likely to be a theme across online marketing in 2017, with more companies investigating joining customer journeys through technology such as Data Management Platforms. The linking and use of social data to understand and influence customer decisions is in many cases relatively new and therefore an area for opportunity this year.

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Image credit Kazuend from Unsplash.com

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