knowyourlemonsdotcom-12signsThis campaign caught my eye in January, and that is exactly what it is aiming to do; drive awareness of the need to recognise the symptoms of breast cancer. The visual of lemons in an egg box to educate people on the symptoms of breast cancer is the creation of designer Corrine Beaumont who lost both grandmothers to breast cancer. #knowyourlemons is run by her charity, Breast Cancer Worldwide and has three aims; 1. Literacy, education of the symptoms of breast cancer is often text based whereas #knowyourlemons uses visuals to help people know what to look for. 2. Taboo, finding a way to get over the taboo of body image. 3. Fear, helping people overcome their fear of the subject.

Why I like this campaign…

Creative – the use of a fun visual image to communicate a message means little language is required – powerful in a global campaign.

Emotive – the subject is a global issue, and an opportunity for people to share their stories (shared over 30k times on Facebook since January).

Positive – yellow is one of the most powerful colours, its eye catching when scrolling through a newsfeed.

Find out more about the campaign here www.worldwidebreastcancer.org/

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