Social & email team up


The world of digital gets ever more complex as we aim to simplify customer journeys and each day brings a wealth of news which stretches across device, channel and technology. Now Mailchimp has joined up with Facebook to enable Facebook ad management through its platform. Joining the world of eCRM and social closer together is becoming increasingly possible thanks to advances like this and something I expect will become more ‘Business as Usual’ in the future. The advantages of using data across channels will bring advantages of targeting and finding look a like audiences.

Here are some thoughts on how to make this work for you…

  • Be clear on your objectives – how will bringing the channels closer together help your customers and achieve your targets?
  • Think about flight control so that customers are not being bombarded across or within channels.
  • Check your marketing permissions to make sure you can contact customers across channels
  • Align your stakeholders, making sure legal, data, brand and online teams are aware of your plans
  • Test, test, test, some customers might prefer social, some might prefer email – understanding this & segmenting your customers based on preferences will improve KPI’s and reduce potential complaints
  • Ensure you have social monitoring/customer service in place so that any questions & comments can be managed quickly

Find out more about this collaboration here. For advice on social marketing please contact me



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