Tips for Influencer Management


Working with vloggers, bloggers and other influencers is no longer a new social media tactic but for those new to the idea here are some tips for how to make things work for you.

Match your influencers to your customers

This might sound obvious but making sure your influencers are right for your (and their) brand, objectives and audience is important. Ideally the partnership should fit and not feel forced.

Be authentic

The whole point of working with influencers is that they have authentic tone and content which their followers love – so don’t try and change this.

Work on relationships

Building relationships with customers and influencers is important – this is Public Relations in the digital age. Building a community through relationships is time consuming and resource heavy but tends to pay off in the long term, especially for brands who have high customer service expectations.

Be aware of the regulations

There are guidelines in place for influencers and brands alike thanks to the ASA and CAP code, for example, you don’t necessarily have to be paying an influencer to be seen as running advertising, the degree of editorial control is also important.

Set up guidelines

A set of guidelines outlining how you work with influencers might be a good idea as it will align teams, especially in larger organisations where there could be multiple interested parties.

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