March (social media) madness

How did it get to be March already?! We may only be two days into the month but here is a round up of some social media news & campaigns that have caught my eye over the past few days.

Tap, tap, tap. Clap, clap, clap. Whiz from Hermès

This video caught my eye as I whizzed through my newsfeed. I liked it, simple, fun, how can you not like lots of dancing shoes? The content has had 287k views, not bad (depending on the level of media spend of course). I checked their other social channels, not much sign of the campaign, a missed opportunity I mused. Then I clicked through to the site, where I found a similar piece of content but very little information about any of the products or a simple journey to encourage me to shop. So if the objective was to use quality fun content to raise brand awareness tick, but I would be interested to see the conversion.

Twitter gets personal

New to Twitter you can now add a personal picture from your customer service team when conversing with customers via DM. Custom profiles is currently in beta and first to use the feature is T mobile through their @TMobileHelp account where you see a the picture and name of the agent who is dealing with your query. Personalising the social customer service experience can only be a good thing and could be very useful to sectors such as retail & travel where brand loyalty is critical.

No emoji for that?

Well there might be soon as Facebook is about to roll out another 1620 new emojis, bringing the total available to over 2000 on the platform. The update applies to desktop only but is further evidence of the importance of visual content in modern communications, thumbs up to that.

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