Social snippets from May

Visit sweden and air B&B

The month of May seems to have whizzed past in the blink of an eye. Aside from celebrating a year of running my own business (yey!) there have been some notable social media news stories, here are a few that caught my eye.


Sweden plays host with Air B&B

Air B&B and Visit Sweden have created a clever partnership which aims to promote awareness for both brands. I like this because it is centred on a brand truth, at the heart of the partnership is the ‘Allemansrätten’ principle, a protected law that says people are free to roam, so you have the right to walk, cycle, run, ski, camp on any Swedish land. Air B&B are looking to promote travel experiences and Sweden wants to promote itself as a destination – so this seems to be a win win partnership for all.

Barclays skips to success

A skippable ad is not the likeliest of candidates for making the headlines but what makes the Barclays skippable ad great is that it is based on behaviour. The creative team (The Martin Agency) based the ad on the fact that people tend to skip (I certainly do). So they have turned this behaviour into a virtue, and then added a layer of simple but effective Heath Robinson vs Wallace and Gromit mechanics into the mix which means you don’t skip the ad. Clever huh? You can read more here on The Drum.


The Royal Society for Public Health and the young Health Movement published a report, #statusofmind looking at the positive and negative impacts of social media on young people. Youtube topped the list from a positive point of view with Instagram and Snap identified as being most detrimental to health & wellbeing. The purpose of the report was to get action from governments, social platforms and policy makers to promote the positive impacts social media can have while limiting the negative effects.  You can download the report here and it makes interesting reading. I have done some work in the area of advising parents and young people on how to manage social media and it is a hot topic.




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