Top tips for managing social customer service


I’ve been running some training recently for customer service teams who are expanding their remit into social channels. Here is a one day workshop condensed into a few top tips!


  • Remain calm! Easy to say when you don’t have Tweets popping up quicker than you can say ‘Twitter’ but essential in order to manage a potential problem situation
  • Ensure consistency of message & water tight processes to capture issues quickly – this includes processes that work across teams so that everyone is crystal clear on roles & responsibilities. The last thing you need is arguments in the heat of the moment about who has final sign off on messages
  • Have a bank of potential FAQ’s – you can never anticipate everything that might occur but you can have a good shot at being prepared for most eventualities
  • Ensure your teams are trained (I would say that obviously)
  • Have adequate cover across channels and alert systems/platforms in place to prevent issues getting lost, nothing worse than missing a Tweet at 10pm on Friday and only spotting it at 9am on Monday with a call from a national newspaper
  • Be clear on your tone of voice and brand personality and how that is shaped for social – you can often be more relaxed in these channels but only if that is appropriate for your brand


  • Underestimate the speed something can pick up momentum, you only need one person with a following of several thousand to tweet something derogatory and you can be facing a world of pain
  • Assume you are immune – social is a weird and wonderful place where anything can happen, prep is key to success.
  • Spread your customer care/listening too thin – make sure you have cover on your essential channels

For information on training please contact me

Photo by Štefan Štefančík on Unsplash

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