Social Foundations


Social is arguably one of the most flexible and exciting of the online marketing channels (yes I am bias), and has often grown organically with organisations as they mature. This can mean that it is very easy to overlook or forget to regularly check the foundations of your social media set up is up to date or well thought out. Often when businesses start thinking social they get creative (no bad thing) and skip over the foundations, but that can cause issues in the long run, especially if you find a social media crisis on your hands. Here are a few social foundations to have a think about, regardless of the size of your organisation.

  1. Processes

Perhaps not the most interesting of topics but having processes in place will make your business more efficient and save a lot of stress in the event of a crisis. Processes can apply to all areas of your social strategy, from content production to media planning so identify the areas that are a priority and write the processes to make these areas work for you.

2. Guidelines

Again, perhaps not the most interesting of subject areas but again will save time. Guidelines should apply to everything from copy and content to community management and should ensure efficiency. For example copy and content guidelines should ensure less time has to go into sign off which makes teams more productive.

3. Ways of Working

Ensure there are clear roles and responsibilities in place and everyone is aware of their role. Social often sits across multiple teams, which can get confusing so it is important that everyone knows what they are responsible for. This may sound obvious but there does need to be one team managing the strategy and making final decisions especially in the event of negative feedback from social communities.

4. Reporting

Your social strategy should have clear objectives and measurable KIP’s with regular reporting that ensures you know how you are performing. KPI’s will be vastly different from one organisation to the next and can change according to business needs but reporting on performance of your chosen KPI’s is crucial to success.

5. Training

With all of the above and solid training in place your teams will be empowered to act without having to wait for every response or piece of content to be approved. This will speed up responses and improve your community engagement.

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Photo by Michał Grosicki on Unsplash

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