Social trends for 2018


What are the trends for social media marketers to be aware of in 2018? We have some ideas so read on…

  1. Formats

There are multiple channels and formats to choose from, so deciding tactically what will enable you to meet your strategic goals is important. One of the most successful formats that has emerged recently is Instagram Stories, with 200m people a month using this format. Businesses can make the most of this, but make sure you have relevant content to ensure you are storytelling through your Story.

2. Influencers

Not a recent trend but a continuing one, and likely to continue into the future as brands become more sophisticated in how they work alongside influencers to gain impact. Think about what an influencer means for your brand and think creatively – your customers are influencers, how can they help you find new customers?

3. Video

Again a continuation rather than a new trend. Facebook is still driving the move to video and live formats continue to gain popularity as video quality improves.

4. Personalisation – at scale

Chatbots will continue to grow in popularity amongst businesses, offering speed of response especially in the realm of customer service. getting the balance between machine and human intervention is key, especially for companies that pride themselves on personality and impeccable customer service.

Photo by Jesse Bowser on Unsplash

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