Examples of campaigns & strategies created for social media and or CRM from the past few years. Majority are integrated campaigns and content was developed for use across channels to ensure efficiencies.

John Lewis PLC, http://www.johnlewis.com

Christmas campaigns (original link removed due to music/copyright). Managed the development and content for Twitter handle @MontyThePenguin and crisis comms when there was a shortage of Monty toys!

‘How to’ get ready for Christmas, based on data to find highest search topics and creating relevant content…


Partnership with Alice Temperley, objective to change the perception of John Lewis as a fashion destination…

Fashion edits, a seasonal selection edited by leading fashion influencers…


Project Confidence with Charlotte Tilbury – a selection of social media appropriate video shared across channels highlighting real women & the power of makeup…

Product reviews with leading beauty influencers…

Make up ‘how to’s’ with leading beauty influencers…


Product collections to promote seasonality…


Product showcases to tap into food trends and showcase products 

Jordans Cereals, The Jordans Farm Partnership

Campaign to deliver CSR messaging, devised and developed the entire campaign. Original content is now removed but resulted in £0.01 CPV.



Lead the messaging for influencer partnerships, brand perception is negative so the tactic is to use of influencers to deliver positive brand messaging.


Premier Inn, CRM lead 

Lead the development of a significant CRM project including the delivery of customer journeys, move of tech stack and redesign of email & SMS communications.

Premier Inn email

If you have any questions about any of the above campaigns please contact me at Rachel.Kerr@rksocialcomms.co.uk